Xpansiv Upgrades EMA ESG Portfolio Management System to Include CBL Daily Closing Prices

NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, SYDNEY – 30 November 2020 — Xpansiv, the global marketplace for Intelligent Commodities™, today announced that its EMA portfolio management system for ESG commodities now incorporates closing prices data from its subsidiary CBL, the leading spot commodity exchange.

CBL closing prices are derived from data using binding bids and offers available on the exchange—unlike indicative and estimated prices available from other sources. This neutral, multicontributor price data enables market participants to make more informed trading decisions and to mark their portfolios to market with greater accuracy.

“While interest in ESG products has soared, environmental-commodity markets remain largely opaque, fragmented, and illiquid,” said John Melby, Xpansiv President and COO. “High-quality market data is vital to market participants, and now EMA clients are getting the best possible pricing insights for portfolio valuation, enabling them to make more informed trading decisions.”

The newly available data includes spot prices for hundreds of niche environmental instruments, enabling the precise valuation of complex customer portfolios across registries, renewable energy certificates (RECs), and carbon products. The EMA portfolio management system empowers users to seamlessly track, transfer, and retire credits across leading registries.

Xpansiv acquired EMA in December 2019. The incorporation of spot exchange data into EMA is a milestone in the integration of EMA, CBL, and XSignals, which provides exclusive live and historical market data that offers unprecedented insight into traditionally opaque ESG commodity markets.

About Xpansiv     
Xpansiv is the world’s first commodity marketplace built for a data-rich, resource-constrained world. We bring transparency to global markets through innovative, ESG-inclusive commodity products and price information. The company’s main business units include XRegistries, XMarkets, and XSignals. xpansiv.com

About CBL
Xpansiv company CBL provides access to the world’s energy and environmental commodity markets, facilitating the secure and seamless trading of commodities like carbon, renewable energy, water, and gas. cblmarkets.com

About XSignals
XSignals provides comprehensive live and historical market data—inclusive of a broad range of ESG commodities—and neutral, end-of-day price data that empowers more informed trading, compliance, and risk-management decisions.

Contact: Rob Dalton, Xpansiv VP Marketing & Communications—rdalton@xpansiv.com