Suzy Taherian

Suzy brings more than 25 years of experience as CFO, COO, and acting CEO for global industrial companies, with a focus on strategic growth and acquisitions. She started her career with Chevron and transitioned to CFO of Kinetics, a global engineering and construction firm. She led the company to over 30% CAGR for two years—5x … Continued

Andrew Pisano

Andrew brings to Xpansiv more than a decade of experience in commodities, environmental markets, and technology. He is responsible for growing the company’s markets and expanding the company’s value proposition through strategic partnerships and M&A activities. Prior to joining Xpansiv, Andrew led business development initiatives at Digital Asset, a leading enterprise distributed ledger technology company. … Continued

Jeff Cohen

Jeff is focused on developing digital products and standards to drive sustainable production of energy fuels, agricultural products, cement, steel, industrial gases, and other commodities. Jeff brings more than 30 years of international experience developing and implementing policies designed to protect the environment, including national air and drinking water regulations, and initiatives at the US EPA … Continued

Bob Shults

Prior to joining Xpansiv, Bob was a Managing Director of TP ICAP Americas Holdings, Inc. He was a founding partner of several commodity brokerage companies, including Atlas Commodity Markets, Atlas Petroleum Markets, Atlas Physical Grains, and Axiom Refined Products. Prior to founding Axiom, Bob served as Managing Director of Commercial Services and a member of … Continued

Paul Sestili

Paul has a long career building and scaling companies with leading-edge technology. An avid programmer and trained engineer, Paul first developed software at the National Bureau of Standards, then designed technology to improve the process of oil refining. He then joined Chevron Technology Ventures during its formative years, and spent 20 years in venture capital—funding, … Continued

Cameron Prell

Cameron is a prominent climate-markets lawyer who joined Xpansiv in 2020 to drive collaborative standards for digitization and decarbonization. His focus is on expanding cross-industry partnerships to build consensus around standards that define the value of immutable data related to energy, agriculture, water, and climate. Cameron has been a leader in the design and implementation … Continued

Andy Bose

Andy has a long career merging business, technology, and data into novel, profitable solutions in the financial and commodities markets. An engineer by training, Andy started his career developing software for spacecraft. For the past 20 years, he has been a serial innovator in financial-information markets. At S&P Global, he built and ran pioneering business … Continued

Nathan Rockliff

Nathan is a dual-qualified lawyer in Australia and the UK and was co-founder of CBL Markets, where he has been instrumental in its strategic development and successful expansion into new products and markets. Nathan was responsible for the design of CBL trading rules, clearing and settlement facilities, commercial contracts, and operational systems across multiple environmental, … Continued

Ben Stuart

Ben brings more than a decade’s experience in environmental markets to his role as Chief Commercial Officer of CBL, which he co-founded in 2009. He designed and implemented the CBL product offering across environmental, energy, and soft commodity products, and was part of the joint government initiative that established Australian water exchange H2OX. Ben coordinated … Continued

Sam Teplitsky

Sam joined Xpansiv in 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer, leading business and market development for seed and series A growth phases. Since the merger with CBL, Sam has led the Xpansiv product and engineering teams, focused on developing market technologies, designing and implementing the company’s Product Management infrastructure, and rolling out a multi-sided platform. Sam … Continued