Carbon markets: Transparency is improving but action should be priority

Henrik Hasselknippe, head of markets at carbon exchange Xpansiv, said a “culture of transparency” has evolved.​ ​“For example, the registries that issue credits make full project documentation available on their websites. In addition, they often share the name of the owners that ultimately claim the credits, providing an end-to-end view of the provenance, transfer, and … Continued

CBL Markets to launch clean cookstoves benchmark in Dec

Xpansiv subsidiary CBL announced the launch of a new spot contract for the clean cookstoves sector following an expansion in market liquidity and an expected rise in credit issuances over the next few years. The new contract will be called Sustainable Development Global Emissions Offset (SD-GEO) and will start trading on December 5. It adds … Continued

Xpansiv given licence to launch ACCU trade on CBL exchange

Market infrastructure provider Xpansiv has been granted an Australian financial services licence that will allow it to launch Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) products on its CBL platform. “ACCU contracts play an important role in facilitating the growth and legitimacy of carbon markets in Australia. With CBL’s experience developing these markets and similar products — … Continued

Xpansiv platform to launch carbon credit trading

A carbon trading platform partly owned by private equity giant Blackstone will become the first exchange to start offering Australian Carbon Credit Unit trading in a move that reflects the expanding interest across the economy in accessing environmental products to help meet decarbonisation goals.​ ​The move will make CBL the first exchange market for ​ACCUs as of … Continued

Growing Voluntary Carbon Market Draws Increased Investment

Launched by CME Group, CBL Global Emissions Offset™️ (GEO®) futures trade on the world’s largest carbon offset exchange—Xpansiv market CBL. GEO contracts represent the growing maturity of this industry, creating a benchmark that other contracts can be priced against. GEO contracts are screened by three of the world’s leading carbon registries and represent an internationally … Continued

Net zero forces voluntary carbon market to grow up fast

“It’s a new sector,” says Henrik Hasselknippe, Xpansiv Head of Markets. “There are a number of participants coming in with solutions to problems that are not always there.” Part of global exchange platform CBL, Xpansiv covers 41% of the voluntary carbon market. Last year, 122 million tonnes of carbon were traded through its exchange and … Continued

All commodities will be judged on environmental impact, says Xpansiv

Henrik Hasselknippe, head of markets at Xpansiv, told Environmental Finance: “Environmental commodities—such as carbon credits and differentiated fuels—represent the environmental impact of a given commodity. In two or three years’ time, I think everyone will have moved away from referring to them as ‘ESG commodities’ and that will just be the way the market views all … Continued

CME to extend nature-based futures curve to 2027

CME Group will extend the range of contracts covered by its CBL Nature-​b​ased Global Emissions Offset (N-GEO) futures contract to the year 2027, following an increase in traded volumes in recent months.​ Liquidity has grown in the futures contract, which is widely seen as the frontrunner to become the VCM’s biggest price benchmark.

Xpansiv seeks to quiet critics’ fears over carbon trading platform

“The way that commodities trade now is probably not the way they’re going to trade in the future,” says Ben Stuart, Xpansiv chief commercial officer​. “The attributes around their generation, and how they’re produced, are going to have a pricing impact.” This includes the methane emissions associated with the production of natural gas. Xpansiv has … Continued

Transparency, liquidity and integrity in the voluntary carbon market

Globally, companies are driving changes to their emissions profile, both through direct impacts to their operations, but also drawing on mechanisms like the VCM to complement their activities. The VCM has already evolved into a robust market framework that supports the needs of these participants with respect to price transparency, ability to manage risk through … Continued