CBL Markets and Xpansiv have done an incredible job over the last decade of building their platform… That’s the type of infrastructure that’s going to drive growth, create scale, and enable us to establish reference pricing, enable us to diversify, and enable us to understand what the prices are for different projects.

The GEO and N-GEO are basically carbon assets which are pre-designated as being acceptable for a certain compliance or market need, versus a pure voluntary offset which may or may not have a specific compliance grade to it. In order to achieve our 2030 targets — just for net zero alone — we need a 6x increase on today’s supply market, in terms of volume, and a 15x increase by 2040, and a 37x increase by 2050. The growth needs are on the supply side, and that’s a beautiful problem to have. This is potentially the golden era of investments into nature.