This month, Xpansiv had an enormous amount of positive news, all of which can be summed up with the single word “momentum.” The firm announced that 2Q21 trading volumes on its CBL Markets platform had increased by 374% over the same quarter in 2020, and that investors had traded more than 50 million metric tons of carbon year-to-date. This carbon volume works out to an increase of more than 60% compared to the carbon traded on CBL in 2020 – and we’re barely halfway through the year!

Xpansiv said it handled a record 25.84 mln carbon offset transactions over Q2, up by a third on the previous quarter and a massive 374% year-on-year. Its GEO contract transacted 2.29 mln, while its N-GEO – which began trading Apr. 19 – saw 2 Mt change hands during the quarter. This included the first physical delivery of GEO spot contracts to settle the GEO futures traded on CME Group’s NYMEX exchange. CME intends to launch its N-GEO futures contract in August.