I wrote about this amazing company last August in the article Using Big Data And The Power Of Markets To Solve Climate Change.

Xpansiv gathers traceable production data to differentiate clean commodities from dirty ones, empowering the free markets to decide what a low carbon footprint is worth. Xpansiv then provides investors a global market for an expanding ecosystem of proven environmental commodities like Renewable Energy Certificates, carbon offsets, and differentiated fuels.

With Xpansiv’s technology and framework in place, clean commodity producers can get paid for both the physical commodity and its digital twin – a tradeable asset that Xpansiv calls Digital Feedstock. The Digital Feedstock file contains data about production methods to create “Intelligent Commodities” that provide a clear path to net-zero. It’s a beautiful, brilliant idea that has the potential to be as disruptive to commodity markets as Napster was to record labels.