To meet the soaring demand for voluntary carbon credits, Xpansiv’s CBL Markets launched new emissions trading contracts, doubling its market reach as the VCM expanded this year. CBL Head of Global Carbon Rene Velasquez said that it was a significant year for the global exchange platform with the launch of two new spot contracts—CBL GEO for CORSIA-eligible offsets and CBL N-GEO for Verra-issued forestry credits with a CCB certification.

“We see 2021 as an inflection point for the voluntary carbon market,” Velasquez said in an email. “More than $1 billion of credits were traded, which is a three-fold rise over 2020 and an important milestone to establish market credibility.”

Now, with some of the necessary trading infrastructure in place, Velasquez expects the VCM to scale up further in 2022.