The volume of carbon offsets traded on Xpansiv’s CBL platform nearly tripled in 2021 to outpace the voluntary market’s rapid fundamental growth amid a surge in interest in standardised trade. Total carbon offset volume transacted on CBL exceeded 121.5 MtCO2e last year, up 288% on 2020 levels, with more than 150 active market participants – a 131% year-on-year increase.

CBL’s rate growth outpaced the voluntary carbon market’s fundamental growth, with offset issuances across the four main carbon credit registries rising 65.5% to 365.8 mln offsets in 2021 and retirements up nearly 71% to 161.3 mln.… Based on Ecosystem Marketplace’s survey data that the voluntary carbon market grew to more than $1 bln in value in 2021, up from $300 mln in 2020, CBL said this indicated its market share had rise to 36% from 17% based on volume, and to more than 41% based on notional value.