Creating Intelligent Commodities at Scale

XContext connects market participants with an interoperable platform to transform commodity-production information into Digital Feedstock™ products. Digital Feedstock is an immutable data format that accommodates unlimited information from myriad partners to create differentiated products. This new paradigm empowers the Digital Commodity Ecosystem to value critical information.

XContext aggregates production information from leading data refineries to support the creation of innovative ESG-centric products—Intelligent Commodities listed in XRegistries for transaction. Now the world can value and producers can monetize superior practices, companies can better manage risk, and consumers can purchase differentiated commodities, like natural gas valued according to methane performance.

Digital Feedstock

Xpansiv developed its proprietary Digital Feedstock data format to catalog and store comprehensive profiles of commodity attributes, traceable from the point of production to the point of sale. It includes the physical and environmental realities of production, transportation, storage, and consumption. Stored in the Digital Feedstock Registry, these verified attributes are building blocks that can be assembled into bespoke products to meet rising demand for ESG-authenticated commodities.

Digital Natural Gas Products

To help customers meet voluntary and compliance-based ESG goals, Xpansiv developed Digital Natural Gas. DNG represents site-specific profiles that include production attributes such as GHG metrics, standards, and protocols recorded in an immutable digital certificate. The first DNG product is the Methane Performance Certificate, which values methane mitigation.

Digital Carbon Removal Assets

In order to mitigate climate change, Xpansiv developed the Digital Carbon Removal Asset, a tradeable, non-tangible environmental asset that represents proof that a metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) was captured from the atmosphere and stored and/or sequestered in a secure geologic formation or manufactured material.

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XContext Partners