Xpansiv is the global marketplace for transacting an infinite array of data-driven commodity products in an intuitive, user-friendly environment. Xpansiv prices energy, carbon, and water basedon deeper data. We’re the global marketplace for data-driven, ESG-inclusive products, and theplatform for redefining value based on immutable information—we prove provenance so commodities can be valued according to their full life-cycle story.

Formed in 2019 through the merger of CBL (founded 2009) and Xpansiv (founded 2016), the company has 200+ employees and offices in Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Vancouver, London, Milan, and Bendigo.

We provide tools and information to more accurately value agriculture, energy, and materials; we’re unleashing the power of global markets to deliver a world worthy of future generations.

Company History
  • Launched natgas methane performance benchmark with S&P Global Platts
  • Completed US$100 million capital raise
  • Reported one billionth credit processed through EMA
  • Published Digital Fuels Program to accelerate ESG transition in fuels sector
  • Announced acquisition of OTX, expanding into U.K., Europe
  • CME Group successfully launched GEO futures contract
  • Completed US $40m pre-IPO capital raise from existing and new investors
  • Entered partnership with Validere to attach ESG attributes to energy products
  • Created world’s first Aviation Carbon Exchange
  • Published founding principles for digital ESG commodities
  • Launched XSignals, providing ESG insights and market benchmarks
  • Launched Global Emissions Offset™ (GEO®), first VCM carbon benchmark
  • Acquired the APX Environmental Management Account (EMA) Platform
  • Announced first exchange trade of differentiated natural gas based on Digital Feedstock™
  • CBL merged with Xpansiv to form Xpansiv CBL Holding Group (XCHG)
  • Xpansiv completed $10M Series A funding from BP Ventures, S&P Global, Energy Innovation Capital
  • CBL partnered with the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) to launch AU Gas products
  • CBL entered partnership with Xpansiv to launch a suite of commodity products based on Digital Feedstock™
  • Xpansiv partnered with Carbon Creek & IES to bring TrustWell™ responsible gas to financial markets
  • CBL entered agreements with CME Group to list CCA Futures on NYMEX and APX to launch US REC spot products
  • CBL announced acquisition of H2OX water exchange
  • Xpansiv completed initial seed funding with BP Ventures and other customers
  • Xpansiv and CBL entered MOU for Digital Feedstock–enabled products and IES for digital application of assurance ratings
  • John Melby joined Board of Directors of CBL and Xpansiv
  • Xpansiv founded in San Francisco by Joe Madden and Jeff Cohen
  • CBL launched exchange platform for all products, including RGGI and California Cap-and-Trade products
  • CBL co-founded by Ben Stuart and Nathan Rockliff 
  • CBL launched first global carbon offset exchange with electronic interfaces to banks and registries
  • CBL entered agreement with Joint Government Enterprise to build and launch H2OX water exchange
  • CBL obtained Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)
  • CBL opened office in NYC and launched North American environmental products