Exchange-Traded LCFS Spot Contract Benefits

CBL’s first-of-its-kind LCFS contract enables companies to trade in a transparent exchange environment with immediate access to liquidity and live pricing provided by hundreds of active environmental market participants. Users gain access to a single screen hosting a diverse network of credit-worthy market participants, helping unify a market historically driven by fragmented, over-the-counter transactions.

As the market continues to mature, CBL’s LCFS spot contract will provide transparent, intraday price signals and establish a reliable benchmark. Participants can use this pricing data in trading and risk models, to mark open positions to market, and as a reference price in OTC derivatives.

Centralized and Secure Platform to Trade LCFS Credits
No Contracting
CBL’s riskless principal model eliminates the need for bilateral LCFS contracting, enabling access to hundreds of exchange participants and reducing back-office costs.
Immediate Settlement
CBL’s clearing and settlement facility provides immediate settlement of LCFS credits and funds bringing the T+3 spot market to T+0
Reduced Delivery Risk
Buyers pre-fund their accounts and sellers designate credits before they can post bids or offers on the exchange, reducing delivery and performance risk.
Reduced Transaction Costs
The exchange is free to access, with flat-fees taken at time of trade. CBL is dedicated to being price neutral—meaning our fee schedule does not change with market fluctuations.
Price Transparency
CBL’s full depth-of-book market display brings transparency to the historically opaque LCFS markets. CBL users can observe live bids, offers, and transactions across products– giving unprecedented clarity.
No Minimum Contract Size
CBL allows you to buy or sell small and odd LCFS volumes without having to pay an elevated fee. The exchange minimum contract size is one (1) LCFS credit.
Auctions and RFQs

Harness the power of Xpansiv Auctions or Request for Quotes (RFQs) to reach hundreds of counterparties with buy or sell interest. Participants can choose from a range of auction and RFQ types to leverage Xpansiv’s infrastructure for competitive, tailored LCFS bids and offers.

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