We provide market access for CSO tickets, renewable fuels, and renewable-fuel certificates.

OTX provides voice and electronic access to the market for compulsory stockholding obligations—CSO tickets—for more than 200 companies in 27 countries. Leveraging its breadth and experience, OTX is also enabling access to expanding markets for renewable fuels and renewable-fuel certificates.

Our Key Differentiating Factors
Deep understanding of market dynamics and regulation
Relationships built on trust and competence
Comprehensive support, including pre- and post-trading assistance
Integrated voice and electronic market access
Compulsory Stockholding Obligations (CSO) Tickets

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and the European Union (EU) require member states to hold emergency reserves of oil products—compulsory stockholding obligations (CSO). Obligated entities can meet these obligations via:

  • Physical Stock: Directly holding crude oil or petroleum products stocks.
  • Delegation: Arranging leasing agreements (CSO tickets) with other participants that hold stocks in excess.
Renewable Fuels and Renewable-Fuel Certificates

EU renewable energy directives (RED I and RED II) and national legislations set minimum renewable energy targets; a sub-target is imposed on road and rail transport. Obligated entities can meet these obligations via:

  • Renewable Fuels: Blending renewable fuels into road/rail transport fuels.
  • Renewable-Fuel Certificates: Purchasing renewable-fuel certificates from companies that blend renewable fuels.
OTX Platform

OTX’s feature-rich electronic platform for CSO tickets complements its voice services, providing market participants with many benefits:

  • Intuitive view of the ticket market: Facilitating a wide view of the market and a unified understanding of trading rules and restrictions.
  • Streamlined workflows: Simplifying management of the lifecycle of the deals closed through OTX.
  • Web-based technology: Integrating voice and electronic market access, enabling flexible, web-based interactions—no installation required.
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