JSE Ventures Carbon Market

The JSE Ventures Carbon Market is a transparent, online marketplace for buying and selling carbon and renewable energy credits via Xpansiv CBL, the largest global venue for spot environmental commodities. The marketplace provides direct access to hundreds of carbon credit and international renewable energy certificates (IRECs) on a live trading platform with full depth-of-market view, a full range of instant and resting order types, auction and RFQ and OTC settlement services, and a multi-registry, multi-asset portfolio management system.

Seamless, Secure, Straightforward
The exchange provides price transparency and liquidity across multiple markets from one highly secure screen
Fully transparent trading platform with market-depth view, extensive order types
Trade directly with hundreds of active market participants globally
Project-specific carbon, IRECs, standardized GEO, and portfolio tools all on one platform
Automated delivery versus payment, same-day (T+0) settlement
The trading platform is integrated with registries, banks, and the EMA portfolio management system

Connected Standards and Registries


The Marketplace for all environmental market stakeholders

Corporate Sustainability Teams
Banks and Financial Institutions
Commodity Traders and Intermediaries
Project Developers
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We’re here to answer your questions about environmental commodities, how to integrate them into net-zero, green finance, local carbon tax regimes, and ESG investment strategies, and how to leverage Xpansiv infrastructure and platforms to implement a robust, complete trading and risk management program.

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