Xpansiv® Connect™ is a powerful tool that provides participants with a single account to view your entire environmental asset portfolio–in one place. Xpansiv Connect™ also enables real-time transfer initiation and settlement, including retirement within originating registries. From scheduling, portfolio management, trading, execution, and settlement to comprehensive trade capture, Xpansiv Connect™ is the resource for all of your environmental-market needs.

Scheduling and Portfolio Management

Comprehensive management of your full portfolio
  • Scheduling with intelligent linking allows for single point of entry for counter-party transfer and retirement obligations
  • Portfolio tracking and valuation includes unrealized/realized profit/loss for all positions across multiple registries, allowing for best-in-class scheduling
  • Advanced asset/liability management brings together spot, forward, and futures owned or contracted against compliance obligations
  • Tracks generation and issuance forecasts and matches current/future assets against liabilities
  • Track, schedule, and manage asset and liability positions across a full range of environmental commodities and associated obligations
  • Simplified, streamlined process makes managing your environmental portfolios easy

Trading, Execution, and Settlement

Intuitive suite of tools
  • Integrated counter-party settlement, delivery, and invoicing
  • Spot and forward deal capture and trade entry
  • Create and manage forward sales and purchases, link delivery with each counter-party
  • Pre- and post-trade analytics
  • Trade date view of portfolio for traders
  • Seamless execution and settlement
  • Pending and completed trade analysis
  • Trading via CBL

Comprehensive Trade Capture

This diagram reveals how Xpansiv Connect™ captures multiple legs of a forward strip on the deal execution date. Alerts are sent to a custom list, related registry transfers are linked to the original trade, and all events affecting the trade are captured for easy retrieval and audit purposes.

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