Price Transparency
Users can observe live bids, offers, and transactions across products, providing unprecedented clarity in historically opaque markets.
No Contracting
CBL streamlines REC transactions by taking care of time-consuming contracting and settlement—no paperwork required.
Same-Day Settlement
Our pioneering settlement facility provides same-day settlement of RECs and funds, bringing the T+3 spot market to T+0.
Clear Control
CBL’s intuitive functionality ensures clear ownership and entitlement to RECs and funds for the full transaction lifecycle.
Low Transaction Costs
Our exchange is free to access, with transparent transaction fees—our fee schedule does not change with price fluctuations.
Straight-Through Processing
CBL’s platform provides seamless, intuitive trading.
Reduced Risk
CBL is a central market facilitator providing delivery-versus payment and same-day settlement to reduce counterparty credit/delivery risks.
No Minimum Contract Size
CBL allows you to transact small REC volumes without having to pay an elevated price—minimum contract size is one REC.

North American Markets

Environmental Management Account (EMA)

EMA is the leading multi-registry, multi-asset portfolio management system. EMA streamlines workflows for managing complex asset portfolios, including scheduling and other time-consuming tasks. EMA is seamlessly integrated with the CBL exchange to support pre-and post-trade position management.

  • Participants designate physical RECs in EMA, making them eligible to be offered on the CBL exchange.
  • Designated RECs are pre-cleared and “encumbered” within the system to ensure they’re available to settle trades, eliminating delivery risk.
  • End-of-day netting—choose which RECs to deliver against net shorts.
Australian Markets

CBL provides cleared spot trading for products associated with the Clean Energy Regulator’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) and Energy Efficiency Market in Australia:

  • Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target Program – Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)
  • Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme – Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
  • NSW Energy Saving Scheme – Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs)
  • CBL uses Austraclear, a secure, regulated clearing-and-settlement facility overseen by ASIC. Existing Austraclear participants can be easily onboarded to CBL to settle AU RECs.
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