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CBL is the world’s first trading platform to integrate with 24 registries and provide 200+ environmental spot commodities on a single screen.

  • Choose from a variety of auction types, including Dutch and English auctions
  • Leverage CBL’s infrastructure for transfers of credits and payment
  • Customize delivery terms and products, or use standardized CBL instruments
The Ideal Place to Market and Sell Your Carbon Credits
Connect to thousands of CBL carbon customers
Concentrate focus on predetermined liquidity events
Capture and report auction data to improve price discovery
Take advantage of marketing benefit to promote projects
Request for Quotes (RFQs)
  • This functions like a closed bid auction, where the Buyer or Seller can dictate terms of the transaction such as project type, volume, price, timing, and vintage year
  • Buyer or Seller submits a Request for Quote on a specific trade instrument(s), which is transmitted to the CBL ecosystem of market participants for their review. Counterparties that receive the RFQ request can then submit a Quote for such instrument(s) if interested.
  • The parties can then negotiate a mutually agreeable transaction.
  • Any resulting RFQ transactions can then be submitted as a reported trade(s) on the CBL trading platform for immediate T+0 settlement.

Condoto REDD+

The Condoto REDD+ project is in Colombia´s Chocó Darien Global Ecoregion, a mega-diverse tropical rainforest ecosystem considered a Global Biodiversity Hotspot—one of 25 locations prioritized for conservation due to high biodiversity and threats of deforestation.

The project includes Verra’s Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) standards as well as vital Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as poverty alleviation and the implementation of socially and economically sustainable development options for communities in the region.

Project Details: VCS2723, Early Q1 auction, 2019-2021 vintage years, 350K-400K tons offered. Specific details, including price floor, will provided to market participants closer to the auction date


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Existing customers will receive an auction advisory notice ahead of each auction highlighting the details and conditions of the auction. Some auctions may have specific rules and requirements that dictate who can bid, determined by participants before each auction which will be outlined in the auction notice. To participate in an auction, customers must respond to the auction notice designating their interest and acknowledge that they meet the applicable auction requirements.

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Email to engage with CBL’s onboarding procedure, which provides users with access to CBL Auctions, as well as a variety of CBL products and technology solutions.