Benefits of Using Xpansiv’s Auction Platform
Monitor Xpansiv market data and live pricing to gauge real-time market conditions
Connect instantly to hundreds of CBL market participants
Access Xpansiv’s range of marketing services to generate buyer demand
Leverage Xpansiv’s automated platform for seamless auction and settlement capabilities
Transparent, Efficient, Fair, and Competitive

CBL is the world’s first trading platform to integrate with 24 registries and provide 200+ environmental spot commodities on a single screen.

  • Choose from a variety of auction types, including Dutch and English auctions
  • Leverage CBL’s infrastructure for transfers of credits and payment
  • Customize delivery terms and products, or use standardized CBL instruments
Request for Quotes (RFQs)
  • This functions like a closed bid auction, where the Buyer or Seller can dictate terms of the transaction such as project type, volume, price, timing, and vintage year
  • Buyer or Seller submits a Request for Quote on a specific trade instrument(s), which is transmitted to the CBL ecosystem of market participants for their review. Counterparties that receive the RFQ request can then submit a Quote for such instrument(s) if interested.
  • The parties can then negotiate a mutually agreeable transaction.
  • Any resulting RFQ transactions can then be submitted as a reported trade(s) on the CBL trading platform for immediate T+0 settlement.
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