A Simplified Way to Transact Premium Cookstove Credits

Introducing the Sustainable Development Global Emissions Offset™ (SD-GEO™), part of the GEO® product suite from Xpansiv market CBL, the world’s leading spot exchange for environmental commodities. The SD-GEO contract is essential to liquidity and price discovery in the emerging household device market, simplifying the selection process for buyers who can purchase high-quality offsets with assured integrity and validation.

The SD-GEO is a standardized contract that allows for delivery of cookstove projects with at least five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the Verra or Gold Standard registries. Eligible projects will be carefully vetted under the CBL Standard Instruments Program that contains the Global Emissions Offset™ (GEO®), the first in this series developed by Xpansiv, as well as the Nature-Based Global Emissions Offset™ (N-GEO®), “widely seen as the frontrunner to become the VCM’s biggest price benchmark,” according to Quantum Commodity Intelligence.

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The SD-GEO contracts trade alongside the GEO suite on CBL, which offers access to a broad range of individual carbon-offset projects from leading registries, enabling unrivaled choice. But for those who don’t want to choose—or don’t have the resources to navigate myriad project types—the SD-GEO provides a streamlined solution. When you buy an SD-GEO contract, you purchase a specific underlying project that meets rigorous quality standards, mitigates emissions, and also has co-benefits for local communities. This emerging segment of the carbon market will grow exponentially in the coming years, and Xpansiv offers a better way to price and trade these high-quality credits.

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The SD-GEO Product Guide offers an introduction, contract specifications, frequently asked questions, and a guide on how to trade the SD-GEO.

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The SD-GEO streamlines the fulfillment of your net-zero goals. Now you can buy carbon offsets without sorting through an expanding universe of projects—the SD-GEO includes only high-quality offsets that include at least five of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SD-GEO Eligible Project List