Creating Intelligent Commodities at Scale

The Xpansiv® Registry is an interoperable platform to transform commodity-production information into standardized digital assets products. Digital assets are created in an immutable data format that accommodates an extensible range of information from myriad partners to create differentiated products, issued and managed in the Xpansiv Registry.

Now the world can value, and producers can monetize, responsible production practices, companies can better manage risk, and consumers can purchase differentiated commodities—like Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) valued according to production-level methane intensity.

Standardized Digital Assets

Xpansiv developed standardized assets that mirror physical commodities, enabling marketplace liquidity for registered environmental performance claims. Standardized assets include consensus-built environmental performance and origin attributes needed to value and transact claims across the fuels value chain on immutable ledgers. These environmental-performance claims are grounded in empirical, verified data traceable back to the source.

Xpansiv® Registry

Xpansiv standardized assets enable the transaction of fungible environmental products in a secure, transparent global marketplace.

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