H2OX Water Availability Outlook

Download the first Water Availability outlook for the 2021-2022 season from H2OX.


Welcome to Your Water Exchange

H2OX is your market for water, when and where you need it. Purpose built for trading water, H2OX is an efficient, transparent source for buying and selling the world’s most precious resource.


The World’s First Mobile Water Trading App

The H2OX App makes it easy to access your water market—anytime, anywhere. The multi-language, conversational interface lets you talk, text, or tap to access markets and initiate trades, just like on the desktop platform.

The H2OX App is another step in our mission to provide a level playing field for all market participants, offering live bids and offers for water, complete price transparency, full order management, and the same fixed-fee structure for all transactions.


Cheaper Trades

H2OX charges a fixed fee of $2.20 per megalitre on all allocation trades, so we don’t benefit from higher water prices–as opposed to brokers who charge up to 4%.


Safer Trades

H2OX completes credit checks on all company buyers and license checks for all sellers. All orders are live and contractually binding, ensuring your money and water are safe and secure.

Faster Trades

H2OX offers live parcels and pricing and 24/7 trading, which means you can add, remove, or amend orders instantly. When trades are approved, H2OX settles them the same day.

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Transparent Trades

H2OX’s transparent trading platform is easy to use, streamlining the process of securing the water you need to thrive.
H2OX is not a broker—we do not trade or hold any water licenses—which means we have no conflict of interest.

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