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The GEO® is tradable on Xpansiv market CBL, the world’s leading spot exchange for ESG commodities. CBL offers access to a broad range of individual carbon-offset projects from leading registries, enabling unparalleled choice. But for those who don’t want to choose—or don’t have the staff to vet individual projects—the GEO provides a turnkey solution. When you buy a GEO, you receive a specific underlying project that meets ICAO-CORSIA criteria.

Simplify your path to carbon neutral.

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CME GEO Futures: Xpansiv Risk Management and Trading Opportunities

Xpansiv partnered with CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives exchange, to create CBL Global Emissions Offset™ (GEO®) futures. This futures contract—the first voluntary carbon market standardized contract —follows the successful launch of the spot GEO on Xpansiv market CBL. CME GEO futures offer new trading opportunities and risk mitigation for voluntary carbon markets. The contracts are physically settled with delivery occurring via CBL’s proven settlement infrastructure.

CME GEO futures further enhance the GEO’s utility as a benchmark global carbon price, providing a clear line of sight on a carbon-efficient future.

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Download the GEO Product Guide

The GEO Product Guide offers an introduction to GEO, contract specifications, frequently asked questions, and a guide on how to trade the GEO.

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The Global Emissions Offset™ streamlines the fulfillment of your net-zero goals. Now you can buy carbon offsets without sorting through an expanding universe of projects—the GEO® includes only high-quality offsets that meet the stringent eligibility criteria defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization for CORSIA.