CBL is the largest spot exchange for trading carbon credits with a market share estimated at one-quarter of the global VCM.

  • CBL provides a fully transparent, central limit order book.
  • Transact via standardised GEO suite of nature and technology contracts.
  • Filter hundreds of listed project credits by type, vintage, registry, and region.
  • Same-day, T+0 settlement cycle and proven delivery-versus-payment reduces credit and delivery risks.
  • Settlement via network connections to leading registries is seamless.
  • Benefit from an anonymous trading environment.

Voluntary Carbon Market

Operating in the voluntary carbon market since 2009, CBL’s transparent, central exchange platform provides access to 1000+ projects through partnership agreements with major carbon standards and registries, including:

  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
  • ACR
  • Cercarbono
  • Climate Action Reserve (CAR)
  • Gold Standard (GS)
  • Puro.Earth

Compliance Carbon/Allowances

CBL offers exchange trading of spot products associated with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and California Cap-and-Trade Program. Through a partnership with CME Group, CBL also facilitates the trading of California Carbon Allowance Futures, centralizing the pool of liquidity for both contracts. Products for these programs include:

  • RGGI CO2 Allowances (RGAs)
  • California Carbon Allowances (CCAs) & California Carbon Offsets (CCOs)
  • CME Futures Contracts for CCAs
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