CBL Breaks New Record Trading Month

NEW YORK, SYDNEY – 8 November 2018– CBL, leading spot exchange operator for environmental commodity markets, today announced a new record trading month for number of transactions and lots traded, record trade value for Water Allocations, and 5 different instruments traded for the first time on the global exchange.

366 trades were recorded in October, compared to 40 in October 2017, an 815% increase. 4,314 lots were traded against 334 in October 2017, growth of 1,190% and up 80% compared to April’s previous record trading month of 2,394. 3,949 lots traded in Compliance alone, surpassing the previous record trading month of 1,040 lots traded in July 2018.

Liquidity was driven by Compliance & Water markets with 279 and 79 trades respectively, both surpassing the previous record trading month in April 2018.

102,616MWH of RECs traded in October within the Compliance market. October also saw a record month for Water Allocations with A$6.3m in trade value through 20,150ML of water, 7.4% above September.

CBL also reports first trades for 5 different instruments within the month of October including Texas Green-e Eligible Wind REC v2018 Front Half, CSAPR NOx Seasonal Ozone, New Hampshire Class I v18, New Hampshire Class III v18, and PJM Tri Qualified Tier 1 v2018.

October marks the third consecutive record trading month for number of overall trades.

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CBL is a global exchange providing market participants with access to the world’s energy and environmental commodity markets. With a vision of bringing efficiency, transparency and liquidity to commodities markets, our exchange connects buyers and sellers around the world to facilitate the secure and seamless trading of energy and environmental commodities, including carbon, renewable energy, water, and gas.

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