Core Global Emissions Offset Spot Product


The Core-Global Emissions Offset ("C-GEO") Standard Spot Product represents a standardized, cleared contract for immediate (“spot”) physical delivery of voluntary emissions offsets meeting defined criteria. C-GEOs acceptable for delivery meet the Defining Criteria and other requirements identified and described in Schedule 5 of the CBL Standard Instruments Program.

Product Code


Clearing & Settlement

Asset Units associated with Products that are the subject of Transactions are pre-cleared and physically settled through Market Operator’s Delivery versus Payment Clearing and Settlement structure. Asset Units are delivered on a spot basis at the moment of Transaction execution into the Participant’s Registry Account linked to EMA.

Lot Size


Minimum Price Fluctuation

The price convention shall be $0.01 per C-GEO


Verra Registry


Trading Hours

Market is open 23 hours per day, 365 days per year.