I have mentioned Xpansiv in many updates and several articles. The company is working hard to create a transparent accounting of the impact of various industrial and agricultural processes. And its environmental commodities market CBL is a leader in establishing mechanisms and products for trading ESG assets.

I was overjoyed to hear about the world’s first transaction of Xpansiv’s Digital Natural Gas this month. The DNG was generated and registered by Pacific Canbrian Energy and transferred to Enegir, the Montreal-based utility and energy service for the province of Quebec. By using DNG, market participants can directly price the value of different physical quantities of natural gas on the basis of how sustainably and cleanly the gas was produced.

If this does not seem like a big deal to you, please read my previous article explaining Xpansiv’s Digital Feedstock. Capital markets can only function effectively with good information; Xpansiv’s DNG and other Digital Feedstock products give markets a transparent view into production methods. It’s a huge development and one civilization desperately needs.