Transport Emission Reduction Certificates

A Transport Emission Reduction Certificate (TERC) is a tradable digital certificate representing the full life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of low-carbon biofuels.

Inspired by the success of low carbon fuel standards, TERCs are voluntary certificates that quantify the carbon intensity of eligible biofuel volumes through “well-to-wheel” analysis. The score is compared to an annually decreasing carbon intensity standard. The resulting difference is reflected as a total volume of CO2e reduced relative to the goal. A TERC is represents one metric ton of CO2e.  The TERC program incentivizes alternative, non-fossil fuel producers to continuously lower the carbon intensity of their product and provide credible claims of carbon reduction to buyers.

TERCs offer consumers reporting significant emissions from transportation the ability to achieve corporate sustainability goals while supporting deployment of low-carbon fuels in the U.S.


The TERC is a carbon solution developed by Eco-Energy. TERCs are built using the Digital Fuels Program that Xpansiv developed to support the creation, issuance, registration, management, trading, and retirement of digital certificates that include the environmental attributes of fuels.