Trading Products Driving Ambition

Xpansiv’s infrastructure and spot marketplace support diverse contracts driving the energy transition across the critical fuels sector.

This expanding portfolio ranges from a bellwether, exchange-traded, California Low Carbon Fuel Standard spot contract, to a biofuels certificate for the transportation sector, to detailed, real-time measurements of the environmental impact of the production of natural gas and crude oil.

LCFS Standardized Spot Contract

The first exchange-traded California Low Carbon Fuels Standard spot contract brings transparent, centralized price discovery and liquidity formation to this fast-growing market.


Transportation Emissions Reduction Certificates

The Transport Emission Reduction Certificate (TERC) is a tradable digital certificate representing the full life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of low-carbon biofuels.


Digital Fuels

Digital Fuels are detailed, independently verified records of the environmental attributes of energy production and transportation, enabling the quantification and authentication of responsibly sourced gas and low carbon intensity crude oil claims.

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