Spot commodity exchange CBL recorded a new monthly volume record within the first two weeks of November, it said Thursday, with the activity boosted by the recent launch of its CORSIA-compliant Global Emissions Offset (GEO) contract. As of Nov. 17, the online bourse had handled 20,609 lots across all of its markets, which include carbon offsets, RECs, and water allowances. This exceeds the previous high of 20,263 CBL reported in March, and was well above both last month’s 10,829 lots and the 2,895 transacted in Nov. 2019. This month’s volume includes 3.6 mln carbon credits, while the bourse also reported that it has now traded more than 25 million spot VERs year-to-date – more than doubling its 2019 volume – thanks in large part to its GEO contract. CBL said around 500,000 tonnes of GEOs have changed hands since launch, with activity well supported with good market depth on both the buy- and sell-sides, pricing between $0.70 and $0.85 per tonne.