Market infrastructure provider Xpansiv has been granted an Australian financial services licence that will allow it to launch Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) products on its CBL platform.

“ACCU contracts play an important role in facilitating the growth and legitimacy of carbon markets in Australia. With CBL’s experience developing these markets and similar products — more than 90% of spot exchange-traded carbon credits globally are transacted on CBL — it will actively support and promote that growth,” Xpansiv said. 

Speaking to Carbon Pulse on the sidelines of the ongoing Australasian Emissions Reductions summit in Sydney, [Xpansiv CCO Ben Stuart] said he expected entities to use the platform as a data information hub. “Once we start to get transactions through the platform, I think we will have a very rich data set that will allow people to derive forward price curves and allow the market to look at doing structured products on the back of our data sets.”