Xpansiv Joins the InterWork Alliance, Advancing Influence of the Digital Commodity Ecosystem™

NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, SYDNEY – 29 July 2020 — Xpansiv, the global marketplace for Intelligent Commodities™, today announced that it has joined the InterWork Alliance (IWA), a platform-neutral, non-profit organization dedicated to creating interoperable framework standards to accelerate growth across token-enabled digital ecosystems.

As a member of the IWA, Xpansiv will collaborate with the organization’s global member-base to establish leading standards for distributed applications, including appropriate frameworks for tokenizing items of value, writing contracts over those tokens, and privacy-preserving analytics of multi-party data.

“Joining the IWA is a pivotal step in the integration of our Digital Commodity Ecosystem with data-driven market innovations,” said Cameron Prell, Xpansiv Head of Government Policy and Legal, who will represent Xpansiv as Vice-Chair of the IWA Sustainability Business Working Group. “The IWA was launched to provide resources that give businesses the ability to standardize the interchange of tokenized value across developing networks. Those resources will underpin our platform and development of Proof of State™ data authentication for climate-related products.”

“The market has to fundamentally trust the data before it can price and transact on climate-related performance information.”
—Cameron Prell

The Xpansiv platform provides a common digital architecture that allows participants to more accurately value corporate performance in the context of 21st century demands, and the IWA affiliation will help develop a foundation of trust enabled by technology for managing transactions based on data related to context and impact.

IWA frameworks will enable businesses to create standardized token definitions and contracts in non-technical, business terms, and then turn them over to developers for coding on any platform of choice. The Alliance’s focus areas include:

The Token Taxonomy Framework: Provides a common language and toolset that enables multiple parties to agree on the definition of a token and how its value can be exchanged or used.

The InterWork Framework: Allows businesses to compose multi-party contracts from clauses that directly correlate to the token standards, enabling communication protocols to be defined and connected to framework components regardless of the eventual technology deployment.

The Analytics Framework: Enables organizations to derive additional business value from a privacy-preserving analysis of multi-party contracts, and shared data schema for value-add AI services and market-driven data reporting.

“Xpansiv is a global marketplace for data-driven, ESG-inclusive commodities,” said Xpansiv CEO Joe Madden. “Joining the IWA supports our mission of more accurately valuing food, energy, and materials in the century ahead.”

About Xpansiv
Xpansiv is the world’s first commodity marketplace built for a data-rich, resource-constrained world. We bring transparency to global markets through innovative, ESG-inclusive commodity products and price information. xpansiv.com

About the InterWork Alliance
The InterWork Alliance (IWA) is a non-profit, member-led organization creating platform-neutral specifications and trusted certification to define how digital token business processes can interwork, regardless of location or market segment. By focusing on real-world projects, market requirements, and performance metrics, the IWA will define tokenization and interworking standards to drive business-level interoperability, multi-party interchange, and trust across applications and networks. Our global membership includes leaders, adopters, innovators, developers, and businesses representing the best practices for every use case the token-powered ecosystem has to offer. InterWork Alliance

Contact: Rob Dalton, Xpansiv VP Marketing & Communications – rdalton@xpansiv.com