Xpansiv to Launch International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) Spot Contracts


New international RECs to expand global REC and carbon offset on leading spot platform   

NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY  Xpansiv, the leading market infrastructure provider for the global energy transition, will launch trading in renewable energy certificates from the International REC Standard (I-REC) and the Evident registry on its CBL spot exchange. Adding the new instruments will expand the range of global RECs available on the platform and will enable hundreds of active exchange participants to participate in the I-REC market, enhancing price discovery and liquidity formation.

The launch of I-RECs on the Xpansiv platform comes at a moment when there is intense and growing interest in trading of renewable energy assets worldwide.

“There is no silver bullet in the energy transition. Participants need a wide array of tools to achieve their decarbonization strategies. I-RECs are a useful addition to the diverse set of voluntary and compliance RECs and carbon credits that firms can access through Xpansiv,” said Russell Karas, Senior Vice President, Commodities, Xpansiv. “This is especially important for multinational corporations looking to address Scope 2 emissions in countries without compliance markets for renewables.”

Xpansiv plans to list a variety of unique I-REC products based on host country and project type and fully integrate the Evident Registry, where I-REC renewable energy products are issued and managed, with the company’s trading platform and multi-asset, multi-registry portfolio management system. Xpansiv plans to launch trading in the second quarter with the integration of the Evident registry to follow.

“The introduction of I-REC into the Xpansiv market ecosystem will significantly expand options for generators, traders, and consumers across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia,” said Ed Everson, CEO, Evident. “Integration directly into the Evident registry will streamline interaction between Evident and Xpansiv participants.”

“We are pleased that marketplaces, such as Xpansiv market CBL, are connecting with the Evident registry to offer I-RECs to their global networks,” said Jos Tuinenburg, Manager Standard Compliance, I-REC Standard Foundation. “More liquidity in the global renewables market benefits all participants.”

Xpansiv currently offers nearly one hundred global voluntary and compliance RECs. Firms can transact these instruments on the exchange platform or submit privately negotiated deals to be settled through the platform’s post-trade settlement infrastructure. In addition to North American and Australian RECs currently traded on the exchange, Xpansiv’s registry infrastructure provider APX offers voluntary global RECs through its TIGRS product. For more information on I-RECs or Xpansiv’s renewable energy products, please contact exchange@xpansiv.com

About Xpansiv

Xpansiv operates the market infrastructure to rapidly scale the world’s energy transition. The company runs the largest spot exchange for environmental commodities, including carbon credits and renewable energy certificates. It is the premier provider of registry infrastructure for energy, power, and environmental markets. It also operates the largest independent platform for managing and selling solar renewable energy credits in North America.

Xpansiv is a leading provider of transaction and advisory services in global carbon, renewable energy, and energy transition markets through its Carbon Financial Services and Evolution Markets units. It also runs the leading multi-registry, multi-asset environmental portfolio management system and market data service.

Xpansiv’s rules-based markets and infrastructure enable stakeholders to deliver transparent, credible, and auditable environmental claims to address the growing global demand for assurance and accountability on climate action and sustainability performance.

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Peter Burton, Xpansiv, pr@xpansiv.com

Taylor Fenske, Charlie Morrow, Cognito Media for Xpansiv, xpansiv@cognitomedia.com