Global Emissions Offset Standard Spot Product


The Global Emissions Offset Standard Spot Product represents a standardized, cleared contract for immediate (“spot”) physical delivery of voluntary emissions offsets meeting best-in-class criteria (“GEOs”). GEOs acceptable for delivery must meet the requirements of the Standard Instruments Program (Schedule 1).

Product Code


Clearing & Settlement

Asset Units associated with Products that are the subject of Transactions are pre-cleared and physically settled through Market Operator’s Payment versus Delivery Clearing and Settlement structure. Asset Units are delivered on a spot basis (intra-day based on netted end of day positions) into the Participant’s Market Registry Account, an account exclusively dedicated for use in connection with the Market.

Lot Size


Minimum Price Fluctuation

The price convention shall be $0.01 per GEO


Approved Registries included: Verra Registry Climate Action Reserve American Carbon Registry


Trading Hours

Market is open 23 hours per day, 365 days per year.