Digital Fuels

Accountable Progress Toward Net Zero

The Xpansiv Digital Fuels™ Program establishes the scaffolding of trust that enables the creation of Digital Natural Gas® (DNG™)—a digital representation of the complete physical and energy profile of the underlying physical commodity. DNG is a “digital twin” that incorporates vital information that was previously invisible to markets, based on a provenance chain of immutable data traceable to source.  

Standards and Certification Providers

Powering the Digital Fuels Ecosystem

Working with an integrated ecosystem of energy producers and data refineries—including Validere and Clearstone Engineering—Xpansiv applies third-party standards and certifications to continuously metered data to create Digital Natural Gas. Producers can then register these DNG datasets as certified digital fuel assets.

These assets are deposited and managed in Xpansiv’s DF Registry, which is integrated with environmental portfolio management systems, bi-lateral markets, exchanges, and ESG-reporting mechanisms. Ultimately, the Registry serves as the system of truth, empowering producers to convert production data into Digital Fuels and buyers to meet net-zero goals with certified ESG claims.

Methane Performance Certificates

Methane Performance Certificates™ (MPCs™) are transactable attributes of DNG that represent the methane performance of produced natural gas registered on Xpansiv’s Digital Fuels Registry. MPCs provide the marketplace with a fungible product that allows natural gas buyers to demonstrate superior methane performance to their stakeholders, while simultaneously providing a clear price signal for responsible natural gas producers. Like Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), MPCs can be transacted separately from the physical commodity, and provide an immediate, actionable path for market participants involved in the energy transition.

Methane: Priority One

Controlling fugitive methane emissions has become a top priority in the transition to a low-carbon future, because the global-warming potential of one metric ton of methane released into the atmosphere can be 80 times more potent than CO2. Achieving methane reductions today will have a significant effect on atmospheric warming over the coming decades, while it’s still possible to make an impact.

The MPC enables producers and commercial, industrial, and utility consumers to differentiate cleanly produced, responsibly sourced natural gas. MPCs are registered, issued, transacted, and retired in accordance with Xpansiv’s Digital Fuels Program to eliminate double counting. Xpansiv’s DF Registry maintains a complete record of the MPC and its associated environmental claims, ensuring data quality.

Products that prove superior production methods should be more valuable, and the MPC unlocks that value. MPCs are simple to transact and provide financial support for producers’ continued efforts to improve performance.

For additional details of the Platts MPC price assessment methodology, see this subscriber note. For additional details of the Xpansiv MPC methodology, visit the Digital Fuels Program Governance Framework.