Standardized Digital Assets

As the first application of the Digital Fuels Program, Xpansiv developed Digital Natural Gas that decouples environmental performance attributes in a “book and claim” system akin to Renewable Energy Credits. For a given MMBtu, the Digital Natural Gas is an encrypted record of empirical production data, site-specific environmental monitoring, and corresponding attributes, such as methane-emissions intensity and third-party facility audit certifications. This digital record can encompass upstream and midstream operations, including liquefaction and transport.

Powering the Environmental Fuels Marketplace

Digital Fuel assets are registered with Xpansiv (or third-party platforms) so participants can securely transact and retire environmental claims. As the largest global marketplace for environmental assets, Xpansiv partners across an integrated ecosystem of energy producers, operators, certification bodies, and data partners to deliver standardized assets tied to physical commodities. The result is seamless price discovery and marketplace liquidity for registered environmental performance claims.

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