MiQ Certificates to be launched on Xpansiv’s CBL Global Spot Exchange


  • MiQ Certificates to be available for trading on Xpansiv’s leading environmental commodities exchange.
  • Collaboration supports MiQ’s mission to eliminate oil and gas methane emissions this decade.

LONDON, NEW YORK – MiQ, the not-for-profit global leader in methane emissions certification, announced today that its certificates will be available on Xpansiv’s CBL exchange, enabling its network of environmental market participants to buy and sell the certificates on a transparent, centralized global marketplace. Availability on CBL will help scale the market for independently certified gas by increasing price discovery and liquidity and removing trading barriers.

“Our collaboration with Xpansiv will bolster MiQ’s mission to minimise oil and gas methane emissions in line with the global shift towards renewable energy,” said Georges Tijbosch, Chief Executive Officer at MiQ.We are encouraged by the increasing number of operators choosing MiQ, underscoring our position as a trusted and reliable certification standard, and making MiQ the preferred choice for buyers serious about emissions reduction.”

The recently launched global CLEAN initiative (coalition for LNG emission abatement towards net zero) shows there is increasing demand from natural gas buyers for transparency on methane emissions at every stage of the supply chain. MiQ’s integration with Xpansiv’s exchange will rapidly expand the market for MiQ certified gas, providing buyers with a granular understanding of their supply chain emissions.

MiQ Certificates are based on trustworthy emissions data collected from independent, third-party auditors using MiQ’s Methane Standard to measure and certify the production of natural gas. This data differentiates natural gas based on methane emissions, enabling buyers to choose lower emissions natural gas and understand their Scope 3 emissions. This ultimately creates incentives for producers to take the appropriate steps to reduce their emissions.

Partnering with Xpansiv, MiQ aims to drive greater transparency on methane emissions from natural gas, and ultimately, the pricing signals needed to incentivise drastic methane emissions reductions across the industry. With MiQ now certifying 20% of U.S. production and having almost 6 billion certificates available on its digital registry, there is a significant opportunity for trading to take place on the Xpansiv platform.

“Xpansiv’s platform facilitates access to MiQ’s independently certified gas by enabling hundreds of market participants to view live bids, offers, and transactions alongside other market-based mechanisms on our central limit order book.” said Henrik Hasselknippe, Chief Operating Officer, at Xpansiv. “We see MIQ Certificates as a great addition to scale the global energy transition using innovative environmental instruments.”