Xpansiv subsidiary CBL announced the launch of a new spot contract for the clean cookstoves sector following an expansion in market liquidity and an expected rise in credit issuances over the next few years. The new contract will be called Sustainable Development Global Emissions Offset (SD-GEO) and will start trading on December 5.

It adds to CBL’s existing suite of benchmarks, which also includes the Global Emissions Offset (GEO), launched in 2020, the Nature-based Global Emissions Offset (N-GEO), unveiled in 2021, and the Core Global Emissions Offset (C-GEO), which was started earlier this year.

“Corporates often look for offset projects that mitigate emissions while also having co-benefits for local communities—projects like clean cookstoves,” said Russell Karas, Xpansiv Head of Carbon Market Development.​ ​“This emerging segment of the carbon market will grow exponentially in the coming years, and Xpansiv offers a better way to price and trade these high-quality credits.”