Xpansiv, the premier market-infrastructure platform for environmental commodities, announced first trades of the Sustainable Development Global Emissions Offset (SD-GEO) on Xpansiv market CBL. Participants supporting the contract include South Pole, BMO, Carbon Growth Partners, Hartree Partners, EKI Energy Services Limited, and ICAP Energy LTD. First day volume totaled 210,000 mtCO2e, an all-time high for a product launch, with prices ranging between $10.50 and $11.00.

“The launch and first trade of the SD-GEO demonstrate the ability of the voluntary carbon market to advance both climate mitigation and sustainable development at the same time,” said Verra CEO David Antonioli. “Verra is committed to supporting the market by ensuring the quality and integrity of the units it issues and ensuring that projects generating sustainable development benefits can showcase those impacts.”