Xpansiv, the “market for ESG commodities” closed a 2x oversubscribed fundraise of US$100M in new equity from Clean Energy Finance (the Australian Government’s green bank), Commonwealth Bank of Australia, commodities trader Hartree Partners, and Australian fund Wilson Asset Management. These new investors join a suite of blue-chip investors that have previously invested US$75M including BP Ventures, S&P Global, Energy Innovation Capital, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and Macquarie Capital.

They are seeking to bring transparency and liquidity to ESG-inclusive commodities, including carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates and sustainable fuels, where participants can value and verify the energy, carbon, and water to meet the challenges of an information-rich, resource-constrained world. To bring credibility and uniformity to this information-rich, resource-poor space, Xpansiv has demonstrated its ability to grow and attract users to its a marketplace, with year-to-date trading >70.0Mt on carbon on its platform, with >15.0Mt traded in August alone.

Xpansiv has done something many struggle with, not only growing organically, but based on our calculations they’ve made 6 acquisitions to grow services and consolidate customers… digitizing and standardizing information and reporting for ESG commodities.