Xpansiv Reports Record Volumes across CBL and H2OX Fueled by Surge in Carbon, Water, and RECS Trading

SYDNEY, NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO – 2 December 2020 — Xpansiv, the global market for ESG-inclusive commodities, today announced another monthly volume record, with 32,561 lots traded in November—an increase of 60% above the previous record set in March. The volume boost was supported by 119,000 Renewable Energy Credits and 5.79M tonnes of carbon offsets traded on CBL, the leading spot commodity exchange, and 31,376 ML of water traded on H2OX, Australia’s water market.

“We’re excited to see records set in water as well as carbon,” said Ben Stuart, Xpansiv Chief Commercial Officer. “We recently launched the H2OX mobile app, which offers live bids and offers, price transparency, and the same fixed-fee structure for all water transactions. Now H2OX participants can trade via their mobile devices, anywhere and anytime, making live water pricing more accessible and transparent—another step in our mission of providing a level playing field for all market participants.”

The record volume was also supported by the Global Emissions Offset™ contract. The GEO™, based on CORSIA parameters, sets a price on carbon based on real-time transactions and streamlines the purchasing of offsets. The GEO scales the global voluntary carbon market, while creating unprecedented liquidity and efficiency.

“Demand for carbon continues to build as companies around the world seek to act on carbon-neutral commitments, which helped set the blistering pace this month,” said Xpansiv President and COO John Melby. “We’re seeing increased activity and new participants entering the market looking for a clear path to carbon neutral—something the GEO was designed to deliver.”

A steadily growing number of corporations and financial companies trade on CBL to meet their voluntary and compliance climate goals. And CBL’s end-of-day and historical market data—provided by Xpansiv affiliate XSignals—enables market participants to trade and manage risk more effectively.

About CBL
CBL provides access to the world’s energy and environmental commodity markets, facilitating the secure and seamless trading of commodities like carbon, renewable energy, water, and gas. cblmarkets.com

About H2OX
H2OX is the world’s leading water exchange, built for the secure, transparent, efficient electronic trading of water entitlements and allocations. H2OX.com

About Xpansiv
Xpansiv is the world’s first commodity marketplace built for a data-rich, resource-constrained world. We bring transparency to global markets through innovative, ESG-inclusive commodity products and price information. The company’s main business units include XRegistries, XMarkets, and XSignals. xpansiv.com

Contact: Rob Dalton, Xpansiv VP Marketing & Communications—rdalton@xpansiv.com