Xpansiv to Launch First Exchange-Traded California LCFS Spot Contract on July 10, 2023

NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, SYDNEY — Xpansiv, the premier infrastructure provider for environmental markets, today announced plans to launch the first exchange-traded California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) spot contract on July 10th. The LCFS contract will be fully integrated with Xpansiv spot market CBL’s transparent central limit order book enabling instantaneous execution on an open and competitive electronic platform, and same-day (T+0) settlement of cash and credits through the exchange’s post-trade infrastructure.

“Our mission is to provide the infrastructure to rapidly scale the world’s energy transition,” said John Melby, Chief Executive Officer at Xpansiv. “We are excited to bring the benefits of a spot exchange to the rapidly growing LCFS market, an essential driver of low-carbon fuel investments in California.”

The LCFS market has quickly become one of the largest compliance environmental commodities markets in the world, with over 550 participants and nearly $4 billion in transaction value in 2022. As the market continues to grow, clients will be able to leverage Xpansiv’s extensive network of vetted market participants to access spot liquidity for LCFS credits and satisfy their obligations.

LCFS bids, offers, transactions, and daily settlement prices will provide a transparent, benchmark price signal for the LCFS market. Participants can use these pricing signals for a host of purposes, including the ability to mark open positions to market, as a mark for other OTC spot or derivatives contracts, and as a basis for project financing or hedging activities.

“As the transportation sector innovates and shifts towards a low-carbon future, the tools driving that shift should continue to innovate as well” says Steven Eisenberg, President, Managed Solutions at Xpansiv. “The LCFS spot contract should do just that.”

Xpansiv is currently working with new and existing participants who are interested in trading the contract once it launches.

About Xpansiv

Xpansiv operates the market infrastructure to rapidly scale the world’s energy transition. The company’s Platform Solutions group operates the largest spot exchange for environmental commodities, including carbon credits and renewable energy certificates. Xpansiv Registry and Energy Solutions is the premier provider of registry infrastructure for energy, power, and environmental markets. Xpansiv Managed Solutions is the largest independent platform for managing and selling solar renewable energy credits in North America.

Xpansiv is a leading provider of transaction and advisory services in global carbon, renewable energy, and energy transition markets through its Carbon Financial Services and Evolution Markets units. It also operates the leading multi-registry, multi-asset environmental portfolio management system and market data service.

Xpansiv’s rules-based markets and infrastructure enable stakeholders to deliver transparent, credible, and auditable environmental claims to address the growing global demand for assurance and accountability on climate action and sustainability performance.  For more information, please visit Xpansiv.com.

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