Empowering Action and Mitigating Risk through Market Intelligence

XSignals reveals insights sourced from authentic market data, offering unprecedented clarity in the pricing and analysis of Intelligent Commodities. Market data reported directly from XMarkets provides unique, actionable signals to traders, financiers, and companies in the ESG markets.

Inclusive of a broad range of asset classes and offerings, XSignals provides transparent daily and historical market data to support trading, compliance, and risk-management decisions. XSignals provides the most comprehensive representation of value, based on complete ESG commodity life-cycle information.



XSignals Provides Actionable Insights

Benchmarks Incorporate ESG

Connect sustainability ambitions to procurement decisions with a deeper accounting of value.

Transparency for Trade Execution

Identify open market trade opportunities to manage independent trade execution and optimize returns.

Risk Analysis and Optimization

Analyze trade effectiveness while managing portfolio exposures, compliance, and governance controls.

Analytics and Data Management

Access timely, relevant, verifiable data to inform decision-making, drive strategies, and optimize performance.

XSignals Factors ESG into Global Markets

The Xpansiv platform reveals actionable data insights called XSignals that offer unprecedented clarity in the pricing and analysis of digital, ESG-inclusive commodities. These price signals—reported directly from our open market activity—become benchmarks that enable vital ESG factors to be calculated into global trade.

Inclusive of a broad range of asset classes and offerings, Xpansiv provides timely, transparent information to support trading, compliance, and risk-management decisions. XSignals, based on complete commodity life-cycle information, provides a more comprehensive representation of value. These data, packaged in products with proven provenance, empower the world to transition toward a net-zero economy.


Transact from an Intelligent Position

With reliable, transparent reference pricing—using objective, independent price data—you can protect your margins, ensure regulation compliance, and trust the spot prices that form the basis for term contracts, derivatives, and futures settlements.

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Transforming Price Data into Benchmarks

With markets in a constant state of flux, it’s imperative to establish trust that a given price represents fair market value. Xpansiv offers evidence to help you develop a fundamental understanding of the true value of a commodity—vital reference points to improve your ability to negotiate and transact.

Xpansiv’s pricing data: Unique insight into the ESG universe

Bid and offer prices, depth and volumes

Guaranteed performance of transactions and prices

Wide range of participating sellers and buyers

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