Xpansiv to piggyback on Chrysos IPO

Xpansiv’s unlike much else on the ASX or listed globally; it owns the dominant carbon trading platform and associated services, including registry, data/trading infrastructure and the like. It’s also growing like a weed. Xpansiv’s carbon credit market CBL posted record volumes in the three months to March 31, crossing contracts worth 46.8 million tonnes. Including water … Continued

Xpansiv Ties ESG Data to Crude

The company, which runs a marketplace for commodities with the consideration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, will register crude produced by Lundin Energy with the help of certification company Intertek. “This is a critical moment of confluence between two paradigm shifts in global energy—digitization and decarbonization,” said Xpansiv CEO Joe Madden. “The energy … Continued

Exchange Operator Wants Oil Prices to Reflect Emissions Performance

Energy companies can now share traceable information about the emissions that were generated when their oil was produced thanks to a new platform provided by exchange operator Xpansiv, which is betting that corporate climate targets will stoke demand for fuel with a smaller carbon footprint. The long-term objective is “to transform the energy sector at … Continued

Financing innovation in Australia’s carbon markets

Xpansiv is one of the global frontrunners in this space, acting as a global marketplace for ESG commodities and building the necessary carbon trading infrastructure such as the first standardised global carbon offset benchmark contract, the Global Emissions Offset (GEO). GEO futures are now traded on the world’s largest derivatives exchange, the CME. “Xpansiv have … Continued

“Unprecedented” Demand for Carbon Offsets Despite Greenwashing Claims

Amy Bann, head of the registries network and integration at Xpansiv, a global market for ESG-inclusive commodities, said the market for offsets has seen “enormous growth.” Indeed, trading on the company’s voluntary carbon offset exchange increased 288% in 2021 from 2020 levels. The demand for carbon credits could increase “by a factor of up to … Continued

Carbon offset giant Xpansiv heading for an Australian IPO

The company that runs the world’s largest carbon offset exchange, Xpansiv, is headed for an IPO on the Australian Stock ­Exchange.​ ​Xpansiv creates, trades and manages ESG commodities in carbon, energy, water and fuels. Backers include Macquarie, Aware Super, the government’s CEFC, CBA, BP Ventures and S&P Global Ventures. Given global interest, Xpansiv’s choice of … Continued

Montney producer focused on developing lower-carbon natural gas

Why hasn’t everybody adopted common reporting and disclosure standards based on independent third-party engineering reporting? In many ways the industry has already begun to move in that direction, says Peter Schriber, vice president, market development for Xpansiv. The company offers various certifications through connected bodies such as the Verified Carbon Standard and American Carbon Registry. … Continued

Bulk of CBL carbon volumes to move to standard contracts by end year

Spot carbon exchange CBL Markets expects to see the majority of its trading volumes in standardised benchmarks such as the GEO by the end of the year or early next year, Head of XMarkets Henrik Hasselknippe said Tuesday. Traditionally, most of the exchange’s liquidity has been in individual projects rather than standardised contracts, which give … Continued

Banks pile into voluntary carbon market

“We are seeing an astonishing inflow of new clients. Probably our biggest challenge at the moment is keeping up with the speed of new participants that are coming into the market because we need to onboard them and undergo the KYC checks and do the background registration,” said Henrik Hasselknippe, head of markets at Xpansiv. … Continued