Xpansiv Company SRECTrade Passes 1 GW of Clean Energy Assets under Management


SYDNEY, NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO – 2 August 2022 — Xpansiv company SRECTrade, Inc., an environmental commodity management and transaction platform, announced today that it has surpassed 1 gigawatt (GW) of assets under management.

“This scale demonstrates SRECTrade is the preeminent provider in ensuring clients earn a return on their renewable energy investments,” said SRECTrade Managing Director Janet Mihalyfi. “The gigawatt spans more than 65,000 assets and facilities, including solar, wind, and thermal energy projects. To put this in perspective, 1 GW is equivalent to the electricity usage of approximately 170,000 homes per year.”

SRECTrade is the leading management and transaction platform for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and clean transportation markets across North America. In California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program, SRECTrade is the largest independent manager of electric vehicle charging station carbon credits.

“Our expertise enables clients across a variety of complex markets and allows clean transportation, renewable energy, and other low carbon initiatives to be invested in with confidence,” said SRECTrade Managing Director Mike Saxton. “Reaching a carbon free future is possible with SRECTrade.”

“This achievement demonstrates SRECTrade’s leading capabilities across a variety of environmental commodity markets,” said Xpansiv CEO Joe Madden. “It is an integral part of our burgeoning environmental infrastructure.”

Since 2008, SRECTrade has been a leading domain expert in environmental commodity markets, bringing a wealth of knowledge and transparency to the clean-energy industry. Its technology platform and presence in REC and LCFS markets complements Xpansiv’s rapidly expanding environmental-commodities platform, which includes environmental-portfolio management and CBL, the world’s largest exchange for RECs, carbon offsets, water, and digital commodity products.

SRECTrade’s customers include competitive electricity and fuel suppliers, utilities, clean transportation fleet operators, renewable energy developers and installers, and commercial, industrial, and residential asset owners.

About SRECTrade

SRECTrade is a technology driven environmental commodity management and transaction platform. Since 2008, the company has been on a mission to simplify and accelerate how we track and transact energy in our homes, businesses, and vehicles. Clients rely on SRECTrade for trusted advice, management, and transaction solutions to maximize the financial and environmental advantages of adopting clean energy assets. The company’s proprietary technology ensures clients minimize the time, cost, and risk associated with achieving benefits and compliance in clean energy markets. SRECTrade.com

About Xpansiv

Xpansiv provides the market infrastructure and data platform for carbon, renewable, and digital energy commodities. These Intelligent Commodities bring transparency and liquidity to markets, empowering participants to value energy, carbon, and water to meet the challenges of an information-rich, resource-constrained world. The company’s main business units include CBL, the largest spot exchange for environmental commodities, including carbon, renewable energy certificates, and Digital Natural Gas; H2OX, the leading spot exchange for water; XSignals, which provides end-of-day and historical market data; EMA, the leading multi-registry portfolio management system for all environmental commodities; and APX, the leading provider of registry infrastructure for energy and environmental markets. Xpansiv is the digital nexus where sustainability and price signals merge. Xpansiv.com

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